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Twin Creeks Friesian Horses

We have lovely star mares here that we use as our breeding stock. We match them with Approved KFPS Stallions and the resulting foals are always top quality. We try to have mares with exceptional movement, as that is a heritible trait.   Each year we have a few foals for sale.

We handle all horses regularly, and try to introduce them to as many different situations as we can.

Here are the mares, a few years ago, inspecting a broken pipe in the pasture...what a surprise!!


Marijke TCF

 Marijke , born in 2012, is Meinse 439 x Sjaard 320, from our Preferent mare Sebeline.  She is a very nice and correct filly, with an excellently toplline and movement.  

Marijke TCF

 Born in May of 2012, Marijke joins the list if offspring born to our Preferent ster mare , Sebeline.  She is a Meinse 439 x Sjaard 320  daughter .  Very good movement and confirmation , she will be training in the future to go for ster .  

Tristan TCF Ster Stallion 2013, ibop 82,

Together with the Kelnhofer's we have bought Tristan from Sally Griepsma.  We wanted him to have the opportunity to train and do as well as he can.   He attended the Baldwin Kansas inspection in October 2013. He scored 82 on his IBOP, with less than 12 weeks of training. Thanks to Erinn Chelstrom for her hard work, and Kelnhofers for sharing our vision for this special Anton son.

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Tristan TCF Ster Stallion 2012 in DelMar CA

 Owned by Sally Griepsma of Riverside CA   Tristan, at six years, made Ster and thus made his dam,  Sebeline  Preferent.   Thank you Sally.  

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Hellina TCF

Hellina was born to Lyra, ster, on 5/222/2010.  Her Sire is Meinse 439,  the only approved  Heinse son.   Hellina is a big beautiful filly, very friendly , who was volunteering for the farrier when she was four weeks old.  She is a very tall filly, not yet two and as tall as her mother.  She is from stam 47, and is already working with JD on round pen work,  and getting in and out of the trailer.

Joke TCF

Named for our good friend in the NL, Joke Vel Slot, she was born to Fumada in 7/6/2011  at UCDavis.  Her mother was showing signs of NI, so we elected not to take any chances.  She was born uneventfully,  bottle fed for the first 48 hrs and then brought home.... All the horses were lined up at the fence, waiting to see her when she got here.  Very nice moving filly..and very independent. 

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Isabelle, TCF Ster mare! With passing abfp score

Born to Sebeline, ster Preferant, (from Sipke 450) she was born in 2010. From stam 103, she is a beautiful filly with great movement, she will follow her half sisters to the inspection ring when she is 3 or 4.  She has lots of hair, and resembles her half sisters Inga (model) and Ziva, (ster).  Very willing filly, she is already working with JD in the round pen. 

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Dianneke, TCF ster mare at 2013 inspection!

Born on 7/18/2009 to our ster mare Brechtsje,  her sire is Wander,.  She is a lovely mare, the spitting image of her sister Bleika.  She went to Stephanie Schauer for inspection training last summer.  She was started under saddle, and conditioned very well for her inspection .  She attended the Santa Rosa inspection, and made second premium star.  We are very pleased with her progress. Great job Stephanie !  Dianneke is

ready to continue on with under saddle training  or go on to be a great brood mare.

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Sebeline ,Ster and Preferent


We bought Sebeline from Carolyn Williams and Fred Sharp, she was pregnant with a Feike 395 colt..  She is our oldest ster mare, and made Preferent this year when her son Tristan, TCF made ster.  Congrats to Sebeline.....a wonderful  mare.

Her foals with Anton 343 are exceptional.  Inga who at seven yrs old made KFPS Model in Reno.  

Sebeline is bred to Sape 381 with a foal due 2013 June...



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Fumada van de Katanzahoeve, Ster


We bought Fumada from Klaas Engelsma, ten months pregnant and not speaking a word of English! She is a very opinionated mare, and we love her to pieces!   She is Richards favorite mare...hands down.  She is an excellant mother.  Here she is with Uma...her first USA foal.


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Bretchsje fan de Lege Walden, Ster

Bretta came to us from Pieter Wibenga in the NL, with a colt-Maradona, (by Wobke) at her side and bred back toAndries 415.   She is a lovely tall modern mare, with an exceptionally easy going temperment.  Her foals are uniformly consistant,  always long forearms, built up hill, and always inherit her excellent  movement.

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Lyra , Ster


Our First Friesian....we bought her as a foal from Laura Beeman, at six months of age, with her mother Wendy. She is the sweetest mare, very willing, and loves people.   She is shown here with Erin DiLeo at the Cherry Valley 4th of July parade in 2007. She was only four yrs old and kept Erin safe.




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Sasse TCF, Ster



Our Ster Gelding, Sasse TCF. Will be 9  yrs old, and is a really nice horse.  Has one year of training from Tony Aldana. Rides and drives. Lots more information on the sales page.

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Wemke OTH, Ster


Wemke OTH came to us from Marc & Erin DiLeo, when she was just a weanling.  We liked her mother Wybrich fan Sybrich, and when she was imported bred to Wikke 404, we were interested in the foal. She was a second premium filly at her inspection, and she rode home with Aunt Lyra the next month.  In this picture she is a day or so old...her attitude is still the same!
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Ziva TCF, Ster reserve champion mare


Ziva was born June 2007, she is Anton 343 Sport x Sjaard 320, same breeding as her sister Inga, KFPS Model.  She was originally sold, but when that arrangement did not work, we decided to keep her as a  mare prospect for the future.  Her mother,  Sebeline Ster, Preferent  is a fabulous mare. Passes great movement and conformation to her offspring. 


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Left at our house by my daughter when she moved, Chloe is our token white Arab.  She is a very feisty old mare, constantly in heat, and very opinionated.  But we keep her anyway.

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