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Dressage prospects for sale..


From time to time we will have horses for sale. Since we are a foal raising operation, they will usually be foals. We will try to work with you on finding what you are looking for, even if it is not one of our horses. We strive to place all of our horse in appropriate, forever homes. We realize that sometimes changes, and understand. But we do reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone if we determine they are not the best home for that particular horse. We can offer recommendations from clients, and referrals.

We also recommend that any serious buyers should make the effort to see these horses in person.  We are not videographers and are not good enough to take adequate video, so we don't. 


Marijke TCF $17,000

 Born May 30, 2012, to Sebeline Ster, Pref, and Meinse 439, she shows all signs of following in the footsteps of her ster siblings.   She is a tall, leggy filly, with lots of hair and a sweet personality.  Her sire, Meinse 439 is fully approved on offspring and is know for his talent for dressage, and throwing tall modern foals with elegant necks and long legs.   

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Isabelle TCF Ster Mare. $29,000

Isabelle TCF was born in July 2010, to Sebeline Ster Preferent.  Her sire is Sipke 450,  who is no longer in the US.  Isabelle is a very correct, balanced filly with impressive movement.  She is sweet and affectionate, very curious,  and half sister to Inga, Model Mare, Ziva TCF Ster Mare, and Tristan TCF  ster Stallion,. Her dam is Sebeline, Ster, Preferent, known for her excellent offspring.  Isabella is going to DG Ranch for ABFP  testing at the end of January for Sipke450 offspring.  She will get 7 weeks of excellent training and help Sipke450 qualify as an approved stallion.   We are very excited!


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Hellina TCF $15,000 Meinse 439 x Anton 343

Beautiful Meinse 439 filly from Lyra, Ster our Anton mare.   Born May 2010, Hellina  is one of the nicer fillies we have ever had.  Very quick to learn, she was standing for the farrier at 3 month...she likes the attention.  Tall and graceful, beautiful neck, pretty face...she has it all

Hellina is going into training in July with Stephanie Schauer for preparation for her inspection. 

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Sasse TCF, Ster Stallion/Gelding SOLD

Born to Sebeline Ster Preferent,  sired by Feike 395, Sasse had a very precarious start in the world.   He was born in a rainstorm, and trying to follow his mother, he slipped down a hill upsidedown into a huge tangle of blackberries and old fencing.  Richard cut him out with wire cutters, and we toted him up to the barn on an old horse blanket,  his mother and Lyra close on our heels.  We we quite surprised to see him none the worse for wear....a tiny scuff above one eye...but essentially fine!   We put a hooded sweatshirt on him for the first day,  and he never looked back..

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Dianneke TCF, Ster, $18,000

 Wander x Gradus x Nammen,  this filly has lovely  movement and her mother's very sweet temperment.  Tall and modern, she should do well at riding or driving.  She will go for inspection this fall,  2013. Dianneke is one of the most willing and friendly mares we have ever had.   She is always one of the first horses to show up when you are out in the barn.  Takes after her mother.  She and her mother are from the same stam line that Bauke deBoers 2011 Champion mare, Annichje fan Bokkum, is from,  103.   She is going into training with Stephanie Schauer in July in preparation for this years inspection.  We expect she will do well.  If she makes star, her price will increase to match her predicate.   

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