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Two Foals expected in June 2012!

 Sebeline Ster,  (Sjaard 320 x Jakob 302) has been bred to Meinse 439, (Heinse 354 x Dirk 298)...  We expect a very nice foal from these two,  stay tuned.  Hoping for a colt.  Sebeline is one star from Preferant. 


Wemke Ster, (Wikke 404 x Fetse 349)  is bred to Wybren 464, (Feike 395 x Wicher 334).   Wybren is the newest American approved stallion , and we are very excited to see this baby.  Wemke is a full papered star mare from Stamline 110, the same stam as the beautiful model Mare Annichje fan Bokkum, who was the Champion of the Central Mare show last year.  









Wemke OTH at her inspection in 2010.

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