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Twin Creeks Friesians


Twin Creeks Friesians is a a different kind of farm, meant to give our horses the best possible environment to grow and learn. We have star mares and use registered KFPS approved Friesian Stallions to produce first quality foals.  We handle them from birth and try to expose them to as much activity as possible so they can develop their wonderful, calm Friesian temperament.


Our horses are kept in a herd environment, not separated and stalled, so they can have as close to a normal horse life as possible.  Mares watch out for each other, and take turns watching the foals. 


The foals, as they grow in this environment, learn herd etiquette and respect.  It makes handling them a bit easier when they have a new "leader" to follow.  Imprinting at birth, and taking the time to provide a positive start to these Gentle Giants, underscores our understanding that their environment is a lasting, contributing factor to their outstanding temperments.




FHANA - Friesian Horse Association of North America

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